April Best Ice Hockey Tipsters

Top 10 Ice Hockey Tipsters

The result are in for April, the Top 10 best Ice Hockey tipsters from Tipstrr & Betting Gods

These are calculated using £25 stakes per bet, Tipstrr verify all there 166 tipsters and are the largest Tipster site in the UK Tipster market. Betting Gods verify all there tipsters and are the best rated platform for Tipsters

At theDailytipster we base our research for Top 10 best Ice Hockey tipsters on data and run through all the verified results to calculate the best Ice Hockey tipsters

Top 10 Ice Hockey Tipsters

Rank Tipster Joining Offer       Tips Odds ROI Strike Rate Profit All Time Profit All Time ROI Tipster Site
1 NHL King Join from £25 158 2.08 18.20% 58.00% £716.75 £2391.75 61.30% Tipstrr
2 Polakfox Free 7 day trial 72 1.74 8.80% 65.00% £159.00 £490.50 -25.90% Tipstrr
3 NHL Value Betting Try for just £1 37 1.96 42.80% 78.00% £158.25 £532.00 -34.20% Tipstrr
4 Wager Talk USA Try for just £10 80 2.08 -0.70% 49.00% £-14.25 £2216.25 143.60% Tipstrr
5 OverTheTop Try for just £1 45 9.90 -12.20% 18.00% £-146.25 £2278.00 259.60% Tipstrr
6 Gold Digger Join from £20 184 2.81 -6.10% 35.00% £-281.75 £3938.75 61.00% Tipstrr

All results can be verified at Tipstrr & Betting Gods by clicking through onto their site for details of every bet placed

What are we looking for in Ice Hockey tipsters

  • Ice Hockey tipsters should be profitable for the last 3 months to make my list
  • A good ROI of around 10%, this will make you profitable in the long term – this is like an interest rate for a saving account BUT instead a minimum of 10% on every bet
  • Experienced tipster verses a new hot tipsters, both will make my list if they keep up the results as all new tipster need be be verified for 3 months before going live on Tipstrr or Betting Gods

I will be comparing the top 10 Ice Hockey Tipsters every month from these sites that verify they tipsters also add in the Tipsters I am reviewing.

  1. Tipstrr
  2. Betting Gods
  3. BetInfo24

About our results of the best Ice Hockey tipsters

  1. We are Data scientist and are passionate about our data and winning
  2. We work on facts and overall profitability at the end of the month
  3. We filter out hundreds of verified tipsters that will not make you money, maybe they will come good some day.
  4. We will never promote rubbish tipsters
  5. If you want free tips Tipstrr has a lots of them so you can get on board early in their proofing

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