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    its time to start withdrawing profits on a regular basis.

    In just 2 months I have managed to withdraw £1100 profit from my betting account at Smarkets.

    Joe Hughes runs Lay to the Bank and will show you how you can start withdrawing profits from the bookies on a regular basis.

    I only bet on horses to lose.

    I stake £10 on each, meaning I profit £9.80 per win (after 2% commissions on Smarkets). Each day I place between 2-4 lay bets.

    I don’t stick to any set odds, it depends what the days racing and markets offer. Here’s an example of a days betting:

    • Copy, Bet, Profit
    • Easy profits
    • Simple 3-Step Betting

    Making money on the horses doesn’t get any easier than this.

    All you have to do is…

    • Sign up here
    • Copy the bets that are sent each day.
    • Decide when you want to withdraw your profits.

    Does lay to the bank work?

    The service is nice and simple to use.

    1. Each morning I will send out the bets via email.
    2. All you do is lay each selection I recommend that day and you’re done.
    3. No need to place any further bets throughout the day. Just repeat each day of the week.

    Try It Out For 90 Days

    I want you to see for yourself how good the service is and how much profit you can make from laying my selections.

    I’m offering 90 days of bets, so any non-betting day does not count. This gives you time to just watch the bets for a full month if you wish before putting your money down or gives you time to start small and grow your bank and stakes over the next 3+ months. If in the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the selections or any part of the service then I will offer a full refund.

    Joe Hughes says
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