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    What’s better that betting on 1 market and risking the ups and downs, at Footy Better they have 3 systems that they provide tips on

    1. Football accumulators.

    One of if not the most profitable and popular ways to bet on football. At FootyBetter we have long been a fan of the accumulator, and we’ve had a lot of success tipping and betting on them over the years.  

    here at Footy they have 3 tipping services for 1 price, football Accumulators, Half time results, Over 2.5 Goals

    With our football accumulators you will receive multiple accumulator tips throughout the week and weekend, including the major football leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A, along with a selection of tips from across International football.

    2. FootyBetter’s Over 2.5 Goals Betting Tips  

    What we do is go through each and every team, every single week, and not just look at these teams from a statistical point of view, but also at whom they are playing; weather conditions;, injuries and anything else we need to decide on which teams are worth backing at Over 2.5 Goals. 

    You will receive an email from us every Friday morning UK time for the upcoming football ahead listing our own personal selections for the upcoming matches that should be backed at Over 2.5 Goals.  

    High Odds Over 2.5 Goals Tips going out to all subscribers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday football.

    3. FootyBetter Extra Tipping Service

    Straight Back / Win tips with a high winning success rate.

    Doses it work

    Stats Updated 24/4/2021
    Price £17 Each month or £27 monthly for 3 services
    Special Offers £197 for one full year.  All 3 systems

    Historical results:

    2016: 202 winning tips from 249 – an 81% winning strike rate

    2017: 232 winning tips from 281 – an 82% winning strike rate

    2018: 163 winning tips from 204 – an 80% winning strike rate

    2019: 122 winning tips from 150 – an 81% winning strike rate

    2020: 89 winning tips from 109 – an 82 % winning strike rate

    2021: 25 winning tips from 34 – a 74% winning strike rate so far…

    Proven Back / Win football tips sent out to all subscribers all of the time.

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