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    The UK Syndicate, we are an established tipping service based largely on social media. We have a large following of loyal members earning daily from our betting service and
    highly researched tips, we offer our members 3 pre match singles PLUS the banker ACCA each day. We will give you an advised stake so there is no need for any previous betting knowledge, we also supply you with our advised staking plan to allow you to efficiently manage you betting “pot”, full advice and individual super fast support is easily available to all subscribers.

    What You Will Receive From The UK Syndicate

    Full advice and comprehensive staking plan to help maximize your profit from The Syndicate.

    • 3 pre match singles
    • PLUS 1 banker
    • ACCA each day, all fully researched.
    • All bets available by 10.30 am each day, simply place the bets and get on with your day.
    •  Daily results on bets posted in the Facebook group. We also keep you up to date with our points gain / loss (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.) on the Facebook group of this website.

    Top quality football tips are all well and good, but there is much more to sports betting than just winning tips, of course not every tip wins so you must know how to manage your betting pot, what stake to bet and when. That can all be very daunting when you enter into any type of betting, control and sticking to a staking plan and staking level is key to your sucess. We provide you with all the tools you need to track and maximize your profits. There is no lengthy contracts simply renew your subscription weekly. 

    Does it work?

    The service is £38 a week so more expensive that other tipsters.

    All Syndicate results can be viewed by anyone, member or not for transparancy

    All results past and present are shown in on The Syndicate FacebookGROUP page a

    There is also a daily recap on the action posted after the last bet of the day.

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