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    weBET Football World joined in late 2018, this tipster’s stock has continued to rise throughout 2019. His value seeking approaching to football betting means profits continue to grow at a steady rate and we’d expect that to remain the case in the long run. Although particularly profitable in continent wide competitions like the Champions League and Europa League, WeBet casts his eye over a number of Europe’s top flight leagues where he turns a profit

    What’s Included with this Football Tipster weBET

    weBET Football World bets bet mainly on mainstream Win/Draw/Lose

    WeBET Football World is no flash in the pan. This winning football tipster knows what a good bit of a value looks like. Generally working at average odds of 3.40, WeBET has been winning a greater percentage of bets than probability would suggest and that really is the key to staying successful in the long-run.

    Focused solely on football and exclusively the 1X2 market

    WeBET Football World

    WeBet tackles a number of leagues from around the world and fares well in European club competitions.

    Does weBET Football World Work?

    weBET Football World has made £2,825.50 profit in the last 12 months across 1194 Football tips (roughly 23 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (10/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £235.61

    What do I need to do?

    Chooses a sign up option for monthly for £29 or 7 days for £15

    You need to place an average of 91 bets a month these will be email and appear in your portal.

    The level stakes are set at £25 but you can bet what you want and factor in you money management using a 100pt bank.

    Is weBET Football World Pass?

    Stats Updated 30/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £167
    Strike Rate 36%
    Return on Investment 9%
    Average No of tips 91 tips
    Average Odds 3.33 decimal or 2/1 Fractions
    Starting Bank 100pt
    Price £29 monthly
    Special Offer 1 Year £245 Save £103

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