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    I use this myself and when in lands it pays out huge

    Placing just 1 bet per day George Morris has made an average £2,000 profit per week over the last 5 weeks.

    Weekly profits of…


    Over £10,000 profit in 5 weeks.

    If you want to see how he’s doing it…

    Does It Work

    Consistency Is Key, In the last 5 weeks I have bet on 28 days.

    Only 4 days didn’t see at least 1 horse place. So only 4 times in 28 would you have lost your full stake.

    A further 4 days saw us land at least something but still end the day with a loss, these losses ranged from a loss on the day of £1.20 to £28.25.

    The other 20 days all made profit ranging from £10.60 profit up to £3,928 profit.

    All of this is from a total outlay of just £35 per day.

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