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    We have been proofing ‘Bob Marley Bets’ for over 3 months now and he has passed with flying colours, making a very impressive +138pts profit in that time. His level of knowledge and consistency is superb.

    What’s Included with this Horse Tipster

    This service average around 4 bets per day with odds ranging from 2/1 – 20/1

    Does it Work

    A £1000 Starting bank has increased to over £4300 in 4 months also 30 days money back guarantee

    Will it continue to work in 2021/2022

    Bob Marley profit

    What do I need to do?

    Bob Marley Bets Provides straight win bets ranging from 2/1 to 20/1 with a very good level of consistency, average 4 best per day, so you will receive around 70-90 bets per month. 

    Is it a Pass?

    Stats Updated 24/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £920
    Strike Rate 23%
    Return on Investment 34%
    Average Monthly No of tips 70-90 tips
    Average Odds 3 to 21 decimal or 2/1 – 20/1 Fractions
    Starting Bank 50pt
    Price £23.99 monthly
    Special Offer £3 for 14 days
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