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    Elite Betting Syndicate is a team of betting professionals established in 2009. With backgrounds in racehorse ownership and statistical analysis, they provide the necessary experience and expertise to deliver consistent and profitable daily horse racing tips.

    They claim to use sophisticated data analysis techniques, outstanding horse racing knowledge and regularly receive a wealth of inside information. These factors combined allow us to make an excellent long-term profit.

    What’s Included with Elite Betting Syndicate

    When you sign up you received a welcome email with the instruction for working out your back roll and explaining the process.

    By subscribing to Elite Betting Syndicate, you will receive 1-3 daily tip emails and you just follow the bets and place at any bookies.

    Does Elite Betting Syndicate Work

    Looking at the results on the Website they are impressive, they have every bets recorded since 2009 and shows a complete rolling profit.

    The profit is based on £25 stakes and the bets odds unto 12/1 at a range of Win and E/W bets

    Is it a Pass?

    Tipster Stats Updated 24/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £558
    Strike Rate 22%
    Return on Investment 28%
    Average No of tips 50-120 tips
    Average Odds 5 decimal or 4/1 fraction
    Starting Bank 100pt
    Price £1 for 14 days then £39 monthly
    Special Offer

    Based on we reviewed this is a excellent money maker system.

    You need to keep to the rules of the system and treat this as a business for slowly making a consistent monthly project.

    Our Score

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