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    About Flat Ratings

    Ben Collins at Flat Ratings has a unique approach to betting on the horses.

    For a start Flat Ratings only bet on the flat/turf racing, this means I only bet around 7 months per year and then Flat Ratings only bet on short races. So no jumps and no all weather racing – just the stuff on the grass where its a straight race to the post.

    Jump racing can be unpredictable, I’m sure like me you’ve seen plenty of fancied horses fall over the jumps, at Cheltenham a few weeks back an odds on favourite fell early in the race. Why have that uncertainty when we’re putting our hard earned cash on them? You don’t get bigger odds because of the risk of a horse falling or unseating a rider, so why bother taking the added risk?

    For Flat Ratings its all about being consistent and profitable and there’s no easier way to do that then taking out all the obstacles and making it a straight flat race to the line.

    What’s Included with this Horse Tipster

    Flat Ratings bet at £20 stakes, so last year I made £5,968.80 and that’s with the Covid-19 disruption to the betting in April & May.

    Over the last 4 years Flat Ratings made a total of 1,358.68pts at an average of 339.67pts each year. The Flat Season runs for approximately 7 months of the year, so that’s an average of 48.52pt profit per month of betting.

    To put this in money terms, to my £20 stakes I’ve averaged £970 profit per month of betting over the last 4 years with a total income since 2017 from my betting of £27,173.60.

    Just looking at last year… 298.44pts profit. That means to just £10 bets you’re making £2,984.40 in just over 7 months at an average of £426 per month, even to £5 bets you’re still looking at £1,492.20 profit at an average of £213 per month.

    This year I’m looking for a return to the profits of 2018/2019 and this is how I do it…

    Fast Horses + Short Races = Profit

    It may sound simple but backing fast horses in short races is a recipe for profit. The selection criteria doesn’t just mean backing the fastest horse in the race but it also comes down to what Flat Ratings call my Form Valuation Approach (FVA). This means weighing up the recent form over a similar distance (+/- 1f) against Flat Ratings personal speed ratings.

    If a horse is only fast over 5 furlongs and not over 7 furlongs then it could have the fastest speed rating but does it have the staying power for the extra distance. These are all criteria that I take into consideration when making my daily selections.

    You can get the benefit of Flat Ratings hard work and knowledge and get the easy job of just copying the bets that I am personally placing daily to see the same profits that I am.

    Does it Work

    Over the last 4 years we have seen profits of…

    2017 + 289.72 pts
    2018 + 406.17 pts
    2019 + 364.35 pts
    2020 + 298.44 pts

    What do I need to do?

    When it comes to placing my bets it couldn’t be easier, its either a win bet or an each way bet. I much prefer to see a steady increase in profits over the season with as many profitable bets as possible – any bet that returns a profit is a good bet in my book. The approach is simple….

    If they are paying 1/4 terms for the each way and the selection is 9/2 or over, go each way.
    If they are paying 1/5 terms for the each way and the selection is 11/2 or over, go each way.

    Anything under these odds is a 1pt win bet. Each way bets are 1pt each way, 2pt total bet.

    This approach allows us to see a profit from more of our bets and our bank grows steadily over the season. A string of 2nd and 3rd places will mean small profits rather than losses on the bets.

    Getting The Bets At The Best Odds

    After signing up below you will be asked to provide an email address for me to send you the bets. I send out the bets via email the evening before the racing. This means you will have time to look around to get the best odds on offer.

    I use multiple bookies as I don’t get Best Odds Guaranteed any more, if you can still get this, great, use a bookie with BOG if not you can use OddsChecker to see which bookie you have an account with is offering the best odds and place your bet with them.

    The email will arrive between 9pm-11pm each evening, there could be days when there are no selections despite there being qualifying racing taking place. I will email you to say there are no bets if this is the case.

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