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    These guys are the Auditors of the tipster world.

    Smart Betting Club provides a service for the punter by completely reducing the risk out of betting by verifying tipsters and holding them to account. You just select a top rated, verify, proofed tipster based on your budget and appetite, simple!

    They take a tipster and take all the bets they placed and do a forensic accounting on the tipster, Smart Betting Club dig into the tipsters history and current form and monitor them long term.

    Finding successful tipsters is easy, we have over 20 highly successful rated tipsters on site.

    Just select them based on your budget and appetite

    Pete Ling from Smart Betting Club
     Smart Betting Club mag

    What’s Included with Smart Betting Club

    We providing the punter with clear route into the tipster market as well as walking you through the long term process of becoming a successful punters like betting psychology and money management.

    You will get

    • Smart Betting Club Magazines with all the current review of tipsters and updates
    • Quickly identify the best tipsters
    • Tipster Profit Reports -Track tipsters latest results and uncover the best up-and-coming experts
    • Free Tipster Access
    • How I Make Money Betting
    • Interviews
    • Tipster Savings & the Bet Diary Pro.
    • Full back catalogue
    • Pro Betting Fundamental Reports
    • As a member, you can exclusively enjoy significant savings and free trials with many top tipsters. Often saving more than the cost of joining Smart Betting Club!
    • Free Tipsters – Follow several genuinely profitable and ready-to-follow tipsters free of charge as part of your membership.
    • You can benefit from Smart Betting Club 16 year experience of what it takes to successfully use tipsters.

    Will Smart Betting Club work for You?

    If you join you need to read the guides, magazines and reviews these guys do and why wouldn’t you.

    Because we are funded by our members, this ensures we are fully on the side of the punter and can speak the truth about the betting industry. We are proud to be different and fiercely protective of the people we represent – you the punter.

    Smart Betting CluB

    You probably found a tipster yourself, seen the reviews, done your research, seen all the bets, seen all the results but when you started up with them …. you lose money “what went wrong”?

    Well these are some reasons

    1. Tipsters falsify results
    2. Big winner skew results and they only need to hit a 200/1 once a year to look good
    3. The odds are not obtainable
    4. The Variance of the tipster
    5. No real plan
    6. Random bets
    7. Tipsters have unrealistic staking plans like the martingale system

    What do the members say about Smart Betting Club


    Starting with a £2000 bankroll in late November 2020, by the start of April 2021, this strategy had turned it into £10,402.02 using just 3 bookmakers so £8,402.02 profit!

    Is Smart Betting Club a Pass?

    I can not give these guys any less that 5 stars.

    • They review over a long period (6 months plus) a tipster
    • Rate all the tipster based on range of factors
    • They don’t get paid for doing the reviews
    • They don’t get paid from the tipsters
    • They negotiate discount off a tipster for YOU instead of getting paid per referral
    • They offer 30 days money back guarantee and 90 days for the yearly membership
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    Still unsure, want to test them out ?

    You can sign up for Free membership and download the 12 page Smart Betting Club 2021 Award Winners report on the best of the betting & tipping world as voted for by punters like YOU

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