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  • Matched Betting
  • What is Matched Betting?

    This is the way to earn money from bookies offers, reload and special offers by Backing and Laying the same bet, its a simple process but takes a little time to get used to and anyone aged 18 and over can do this.

    Give me an example?

    If a bookie is offering a £100 in free bets to turn this to cash you must back at the Bookmaker site and lay the bet off at an betting exchange. This will create a no loss bet as you either win at the Bookie or the Betting Exchange.

    1. Signup to a Bookies for the Free Bet
    2. £100 Free Bet placed on Liverpool to Win at 2/1 at the bookie – if it wins you get £200, Losses you get £0
    3. Then you place £100 on Liverpool to Lose at the exchange- if it losses you get £0, if it wins you get £200
    4. Withdraw your £100 as cash
    5. Find another bookie with offers and repeat
    Match betting earnings

    Is it worth it?

    You can make an easy £1500 in a few weeks…that is normal and then you move onto the Sport reload offers, Casino and Games offers

    This is a list of matched betting systems that will make you a safe amount of money

    Why do I need to Join a site below

    Of course you can find offers yourself and make some pocket money so why join join these site… well what the below sites offer you is a list of all the offers daily/weekly/big events in easy digestible way and walks you through them in an easy to understand process. It shows the one that you should tackle in order to build a bank roll also there is a money back trials for 14 days or £1 sign up so you can join, try and see if it is for you.

    Favourite Matched Betting Sites

    1. Profit Maximiser – this is a simple system that will grow a small bank and take advantage of bookmakers offers and give you a boost. Large responsive Facebook group that send offers out.
    2. MatchedBets – learn from experts and get alerts for offers and with the full support behind you.

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