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    The Pro Gambler Club Select Service offers a solid return on investment for anyone looking to subsidise a second income.

    The Pro Gamblers Club Select Service is all about finding value and this is the key to long term profits.

    What’s Included with this Horse Tipster

    Bets are sent 7 days per week and are sent out between 7:30 – 9am each morning and Sundays before 10am.

    The service produces around 5-8 bets per day with a good mix ranging from favourites to E/W value bets.

    We never bet on odds on

    80% Discount 30 Day Trial – £3.99 below

    Does it Work

    A £1000 Starting bank has increased to over £5300 in 15 months

    Will it continue to work in 2021/2022

    pro gambler profit

    The Pro Gambler Provides bets from favs to E/W value selections

    What do I need to do?

    The Pro Gambler service provides 6 tips per day, so around 180 bets per month you need to put on

    Is it a Pass?

    Stats Updated 24/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £286
    Strike Rate 18%
    Return on Investment 24%
    Average Monthly No of tips 180 tips
    Average Odds 9 decimal or 8/1 Fractions
    Starting Bank 100pt
    Price £27.99 monthly
    Special Offer 80% discount 30 Day Trial – £3.99
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