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  • About Cricket Betting Tipster Service

    Pankaj been a pro cricket tipster since early 2018 and runs a low risk bets with regular winners and a steady flow of winners and profit from his cricket bets and tips.

    Pankaj runs the Cricket Betting Tipster Service we all knows that cricket betting might be seen as a bit niche but when you make money from cricket betting that will change your mind

    At £7 a month for 30 bets this service is a steal

    What’s Included

    You will get 30 tips per month on average. These will NOT be evenly spread through the month – there may be days with no tips. Also Cricket Betting Tipster Service is one of the lowest price services available at £7 a month.

    Pankaj from Cricket Betting Tipster Service says

    I simply want to make winning when betting as affordable as possible. I’m putting my own money on these bets too and spend hours studying every day to find the best value picks with the best chance of winning possible for us all.

    Whether you’re a cricket fan or simply want to diversify and follow a selective tipster such as myself let’s shake hands and make some money together with these cricket bets.

    Does it Work

    At Cricket Betting Tipster Service Pankaj have ended the month with a profit 63.16% of the time thanks to my impressive 38.50% strike rate.

    Average Odds of 6.32 when looking at every tip Cricket Betting Tipster Service have sent since March 2018, Pankaj tips have average odds of 6.32 and I win 38.50% of the time.

    Will it continue to work in 2021/2022

    You have found a niche market that is often overlooked Pankaj who set up the Cricket Betting Tipster Service proved his services for 17 weeks before turning to a Pro Cricket Tipster, every bets Cricket Betting Tipster Service has placed is on the Cricket Betting Tipster Service site.

    What do I need to do?

    Click the link below for 105 Day Trial for £9 it includes a 30 days money back guarantee

    Is it a Pass?

    Stats for Cricket Betting Tipster Updated 26/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £111
    Strike Rate 38%
    Return on Investment 12%
    Average Monthly No of tips 30 tips
    Average Odds 6.28 decimal or 5/1 Fractions
    Starting Bank 100pt
    Price £7 monthly
    Special Offer 105 Day Trial £9

    I have gone over all the results and confirm that Pankaj from Cricket Betting Tipster Service knows his specialist cricket area and is a Pass.

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