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    This is betting of Golf players in tournaments and it is unique in the way the algorithms works which uses the GolfForecast algorithm forecasts a prediction for professional golf tournaments each week. The algorithm is based on available player data for the past decade, plus course data and weather and provides you with Golf tips from the best Golf tipster site

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    What’s Included with this Golf tipster

    You get 2 algorithm that are used to get you the golf tips

    1 – Diversify

     Tips around 17 – 27 golfers per event; spreading the stakes to reduce risk


    • Safer, so you can stake a greater percentage of your bank per event (or start with a smaller bank)
    • More consistent returns so you can take advantage of compound interest


    • Requires more effort to place bets on so many golfers

    2 – Traditional

    – Tips around 5 golfers per event; high risk, high reward


    • Highest return on investment over the long term
    • Potential big wins


    • Could go a long time without a win
    • High risk means a bigger starting bank is requried (or smaller stakes per event)

    Does GolfForecast Work

    This GolfForecast site was created based off of cold, hard facts. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information on GolfForecast was created by a Data Scientist and avid golfer by who had spent year developing this unique algorithm and probably the best Golf tipster in the UK.

    Will GolfForecast continue to work in 2021/2022

    Based on the data science and stats collection the longer the site goes the more accurate the future golf tips will be and this is shown on the results graph. Because you are betting mainly on algorithm 1 you bet on around 17 – 27 golfers per event, spreading the stakes to reduce risk so this is a sound long term golf tipping strategy.

    What do I need to do?

    You can sign up for £1 for 30 days, you then go to the members area and put in the amount you want to start with say £1000 then it works out that the risk based on 10, so you will bet 10% of your bank on every event so £100. The risk level is very low compares to other systems where it is normally 1% of you bank per event. The member area has all the golf tips and show you where to place the bets for best returns.

    Is it a Pass?

    Stats for Algorithm 1 Updated 26/4/2021
    Average Monthly Profit £225
    Strike Rate 39%
    Return on Investment 21%
    Average Monthly No of tips 17 – 27 golfers per event tips
    Starting Bank 10pt
    Price £29.99 monthly
    Special Offer 30 days Trial £1

    We have not reviewed the GolfForecast yet but looking at the Golf tipsters results since 2017 it is going upwards and you can join for only £1 for 30 days to trial the tips

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