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Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster in 2021?

We have a lot of Horse Racing Tipster on the market and I try and only include the best tipster that meet my unique selection criterion to my site theDailyTipster. So I feel I need to rank them and need to call out the best tipster will you agree with me?

What do I look for in horse racing tipster?

  1. History of bets and verified
  2. Strike Rate
  3. ROI
  4. Betting bank
  5. Consistency

My Top 3 Horse racing Tipsters for 2021?

Elite Betting Syndicate

Elite Betting Syndicate with backgrounds in racehorse ownership and statistical analysis, they provide the necessary experience and expertise to deliver consistent and profitable daily horse racing tips. They claim to use sophisticated data analysis techniques, outstanding horse racing knowledge and regularly receive a wealth of inside information. These factors combined allow us to make an excellent long-term profit.

Look at the results they are impressive, they have every bets recorded since 2009 and shows a complete rolling profit. The profit is based on £25 stakes and the bets odds unto 12/1 at a range of Win and E/W bets

Read More at Elite Betting Syndicate

Quentin Franks Racing Service


Quentin Franks Racing Service generated £39,975.00 in tax-free profit with just £25 stakes since launching the service in July 2014, Quentin focus is on provided you with value (not odds-on favourites). That’s why his tips have average odds of 7.13 and will continue to bet the bookie in the long term.

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Read more at Quentin Franks Racing Service


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O’CONNOR racing has mad consistent made a profit over 2018 to the present day April 2021, it boast a average monthly profit of £468.89, the project graph goes up to April 2021 and shows very little worries over this period.

You get an average 2-3 TIPS PER DAY – When it comes to tips, less is more! Colin is a passionate believer in quality-over-quantity! This allows him to maintain an exceptional win ratio and deliver the consistency required for a top horse racing tipster!

With 6.5 AVERAGE ODDS and bets on Win and E/W markets

Average Monthly Profit £468.89

Return-On-Investment 28.8%

Strike Rate 28.9%

Total Profit £5,685

Read more at O’CONNOR racing

That’s the top 3 what do you thinks

I hope this helps you make a decision on what to look for in a horse tipster or give you food for thought.

They is a lot of scammer out there and if you have anything to add to this post comment below and help other punters

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