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The Banker is a series of computational Horse Racing models, which use data to generate high and sustainable long term yields. Restrictions are the driver behind taking my statistical modelling public. With betting exchange liquidity at all-time lows and no industry-wide minimum bet guarantee, it is challenging to get my wanted stake on my selections.Tips are sent out both the night before and in the morning with an approximately 50/50 split.These are sent out around 7:30-8:00pm but will always have a bet warning with the specific time. Early bets are tips where I feel the price will drop over night so it is best to take the price the night before. No BOG will be recorded on the bets as only Bet 365 offer the promotion the night before.Morning Bets: There are morning bets posted at 9am. BOG will generally be recorded on these bets and likewise they will come with bet warnings specifying the exact time.A 100pt betting balance is recommended as my average odds tend to converge around 7/1. For example, if you want to bet 10 per point, you will need to have a bankroll of 1000. Alternatively, if you want to bet 25 per point, you will need to have a bankroll of 2500 etc.The majority of selections are 1pt (5/10 on Tipstrr), but the criteria ranges from 0.5pt (2/10 on Tipstrr) to 2pt (10/10 on Tipstrr) of which the latter is very rare.Selection volume will range depending on months but on average I'd expect there to be around 80 selections a month. During the summer months where racing is more plentiful, I'd expect this to increase.Given that our average odds converge to around 7/1, there will inevitably be losing runs and months. There will be variance in both directions. You may experience a nice run above expected levels but no doubt there will eventually be reversion to the mean with periods of poor results. Alternatively, you may join and experience a poor run of results. If you can keep the faith you will eventually reap the benefits when profits rev

TheBanker Average Monthly Profit


Avg Profit




Strike Rate


Avg Tips


AVg Odds


All Time Profit

My Summary of TheBanker for last 3 months and this month

TheBanker has earned £4592.25 profit in the last 22 months across 74 Horse Racing tips per month), based on an average stake of £25 giving an average monthly profit of £208.74. TheBanker has made £-290.25 this month and has out performed over 11 tipsters

TheBanker last 12 months profit in £s

TheBanker Profit over the last 12 months

  • Current Month
  • £-290.25 Profit
  • -29.90% ROI
  • 11.00% Strike Rate
  • 10.64 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £2
  • 3 Months
  • £919.50 Profit
  • 29.46% ROI
  • 15.33% Strike Rate
  • 10.76 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £2
  • 12 Months
  • £3570.00 Profit
  • 25.89% ROI
  • 16.08% Strike Rate
  • 9.89 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £2

TheBanker Monthly Break down

Month Profit Odds ROI Strike Rate
5/2021 £-290.25 10.64 -29.9% 11%
4/2021 £111 11.26 14.4% 16%
3/2021 £1098.75 10.4 103.9% 19%
2/2021 £106.5 10.41 16.5% 16%
1/2021 £-71.75 9.31 -16% 11%
12/2020 £256 8.61 35.1% 18%
11/2020 £-207.5 8.92 -23.4% 10%
10/2020 £-143.75 10.86 -13.1% 13%
9/2020 £373 10.34 42.6% 17%
8/2020 £998.25 10.82 96.2% 22%
7/2020 £1368.5 9.45 86.5% 22%
6/2020 £-28.75 7.76 -2.1% 18%

Try for just £2

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