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Welcome to my portfolio.(Important) Contact me on Telegram @WiLLyTfEMy name is William and I am a data scientist. Sports are my passion. Statistics and Mathematics are my vocation.I have been in the world of sports betting for many years and I can assure you that you can win money.Everything is based on the three vertices of what I call the triangle of success.VALUE BETS, DISCIPLINE AND LONG-TERM PROFITABILITY.If you want to make money I recommend you to read everything I would like to tell you.First of all, I'm going to explain to you (if you've been in this world for a while I'm sure you know) what each of the vertices mean.VALUE BETS: Imagine that someone flips a coin and tells us that it's going to be tails 45% of the times.I would bet that it will come up tails because I know that the probability is 50% in the long run.If we convert the odds into numbers (price) I'm betting on odds 2.22 (100/45) when it should be odds 2 (100/50).Bookmakers usually adjust odds correctly and there is no statistical value.However, on other occasions, there are price mismatches that will make us profitable in the long term.DISCIPLINE: How much money are you going to invest in sports betting?I don't care if it's 500 or 5000 euros (or dollars or pounds) for each tip you should invest max 1% of your bankroll.In this strategy you can put a maximum of 2% bankroll, but I don't recommend it.In this strategy we will use a flat stake (25 euros) which is 1% of our initial bankroll.You can update the stake unit on a weekly or monthly(best option) basis. But always using a maximum of 1% of your bankroll.LONG-TERM PROFITABILITY: This is not a sprint but a marathon. We don't worry about bad days. The coin can come up heads 20 times in a row.Other points to bear in mind:- TIMETABLE(TIPS)LONDON TIMEMonday,Tuesday & Wednesday- Around 12:45 PM- Around 9:15 PM Wednesdays at 9 PM and Thursdays I will not publish tips. On Thursdays there are fewer games and that will be my day to disconnect. If for so

WiLLyTfE Average Monthly Profit


Avg Profit




Strike Rate


Avg Tips


AVg Odds


All Time Profit

My Summary of WiLLyTfE for last 3 months and this month

WiLLyTfE has earned £4761.25 profit in the last 10 months across 127 Football tips per month), based on an average stake of £25 giving an average monthly profit of £476.13. WiLLyTfE has made £186.00 this month and has out performed over 104 tipsters

WiLLyTfE last 12 months profit in £s

WiLLyTfE Profit over the last 12 months

  • Current Month
  • £186.00 Profit
  • 5.90% ROI
  • 46.00% Strike Rate
  • 2.44 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £1
  • 3 Months
  • £367.50 Profit
  • 3.40% ROI
  • 43.33% Strike Rate
  • 2.45 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £1
  • 12 Months
  • £4761.25 Profit
  • 8.82% ROI
  • 42.20% Strike Rate
  • 2.67 Avg Odds
  • Try for just £1

WiLLyTfE Monthly Break down

Month Profit Odds ROI Strike Rate
5/2021 £186 2.44 5.9% 46%
4/2021 £-181.5 2.47 -5% 39%
3/2021 £363 2.46 9.3% 45%
2/2021 £722.75 2.51 19% 49%
1/2021 £501.75 2.55 10% 44%
12/2020 £1677 2.61 25.1% 50%
11/2020 £-571.25 2.82 -4.3% 36%
10/2020 £-368.5 3.07 -3.7% 31%
9/2020 £1306.75 2.99 11.3% 38%
8/2020 £1125.25 2.83 20.6% 44%

Try for just £1

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