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    Are you looking for a Golf tipster? I’ve created a complete list of golf tipster to help you find a golf betting tipster that will suit you.

    Lets see if you agree with my review of Golf Tipsters

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    Best Golf tipster

    This is a difficult one to find as the market has lot of tipster out there but I think I can help you with the short list of 3 Golf tipsters below

    1) Tee and serve – Mixed Golf tipster and Tennis Tipster

    Tee and serve Golf Tipster

     Tees and Serve provide Golf tips and Tennis Tips in one tipster service. Your Expert Mixed Sports Tipster Who Averages £113.17 Profit Per Month.

    I work with a mix of single bets, doubles, trebles and the occasional acca on golf and tennis, plus I’m advising tournament winners, match winners, and 2 or 3 ball golf predictions will be coming your way too

    2) GolfForecast – 2 algorithm for Golf tips

    golfforecast Golf Tipster

    You get 2 algorithms that are used to get you the golf tips

    1 – Diversify

     Tips around 17 – 27 golfers per event; spreading the stakes to reduce risk


    • Safer, so you can stake a greater percentage of your bank per event (or start with a smaller bank)
    • More consistent returns so you can take advantage of compound interest


    • Requires more effort to place bets on so many golfers

    2 – Traditional

    – Tips around 5 golfers per event; high risk, high reward


    • Highest return on investment over the long term
    • Potential big wins


    • Could go a long time without a win
    • High risk means a bigger starting bank is requried (or smaller stakes per event)

    3) OverTheTop – Golf Tipster making £834 a month

    OverTheTop Golf Tipster

    OverTheTop has made £2,439 profit in the last 3 months across 147 Multi-Sport tips (roughly 12 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 giving an average monthly profit of £834.11

    Golf Tipster Betting markets

    There are plenty of ways you can lose your money when betting on golf, so you should be careful on what market you choose to bet on.

    Outright Winner – You can only win if you pick the winner, 2nd and 3rd place won’t cut it here.

    Each Way – This is two separate bets; one of them to win and one on the placing. Most bookies will pay out 1/4 odds for a Top 5 finish, some will pay out on the Top 6 and then you’ll find a few offering Top 7 but be warned, they might also slash the odds by either creating a separate Top 7 market or by only offering 1/5 odds for a place.

    Top 5 Finish – Like an Each Way bet but this pays out only on the place and doesn’t include a second To Win bet. So, it’s a cheaper bet but you won’t get paid out on a winner, just the 1/4 odds.

    First Round Leader – You win if your man is leading after the completion of the first round.

    Group Betting (or 2 Balls & 3 Balls) – Players are grouped in either 2s or 3s on each round of the tournament. This market pits those players against each other.

    Match Betting – Each bookmaker will offer a pair of players and you have to pick which player will score better over the course of the entire tournament.

    To Make The Cut – Most tournaments (with the exception of the WGC events) have a halfway cut. The field is usually cut in half, to around 70 or so players. This market allows you to predict which players will make the cut – great for accumulators!

    7 types of Golf Tournaments for Golf Tipster

    1. Scramble

    Scramble Tournaments are definitely the most common format and for a good reason. This format creates an informal and relaxed atmosphere for you golfers to enjoy while allowing golfers of all skill levels to play.

    The rules of the format are fairly simple. Groups of 2 or more players act as a team, with each player tees off on each hole. The team then chooses the best shot from the team and players then drop their ball within one club length of the best ball to hit their next shot. This sequence is repeated until one player hits the ball in the hole and the total number of best shots is the team’s score for that hole.

    1. Stableford

    Stableford is a unique tournament format in that it changes the normal objective of scoring as low as possible to scoring as high as possible. Stableford assigns a point value to each possible score relative to par, i.e. a Birdie may be worth 2 points while a par is worth 1. This format allows for quicker play as a score of double bogey or higher are with the same amount of points, so players can just pick up their ball and move to the next hole. Stableford also offers two different scoring systems that can be tailored to the skill level of your players with Traditional Stableford and Modified Stableford.

    Traditional Stableford is more suited for higher handicap players with their being no way to lose points based on your score. The number of points awarded for each score is relative to the “fixed score” decided by the tournament officials. For example, if the fixed score is set to par, this is what your scores would look like.

    Double Bogey or Worse: 0 Points

    Bogey: 1 Point

    Par: 2 Points

    Birdie: 3 Points

    Eagle: 4 Points

    Albatross: 5 Points

    In a Modified Stableford tournament the scoring system is adjusted in favor of higher skilled golfers by rewarding players for their under par scores and withdrawing points for bogeys or worse. So if you’re planning on hosting an event with some local pros or if you’re just looking to challenge your contestants a little more, Modified Stableford could be an excellent option. 

    Double Bogey or Worse: -3 Points

    Bogey: -1 Point

    Par: 0 Points

    Birdie: 2 Points

    Eagle: 5 Points

    Albatross: 8 Points

    1. Chapman or Pinehurst

    This format requires teams of two to face-off against each other and plays sort of like a best ball/alternate shot hybrid. Both golfers on each team tee off, players then switch balls for their second shot, following their second shot the best ball is chosen and alternate shot is played until the ball is in the hole.

    While the format may seem a little complex, it is ideal for two golfers of different skill levels, allowing for a more level playing field that lets players of all abilities enjoy the tournament. This format can also be played as either a Match or Stroke play event, giving you a little more versatility when planning your outing.

    1. Best Ball

    Best ball is a simple format that allows golfers to play a traditional stroke play match while completing as a team with another golfer. With this format players play through the hole like they normally would, after they finish the hole, they record the lower score between the two and throw out the high score.

    1. Bingo-Bango-Bongo

    How can something called Bingo-Bango-Bongo not be fun?

    This format rewards points to players for doing more than just being the first one to hole. The scoring system itself is fairly basic with each player receiving 1 point for completing one of the following tasks.

    • Bingo: Be the first player to get their ball on the green
    • Bango: Be closest to the pin once everyone has reached the green
    • Bongo: Be the first to get their ball in the hole

    With points being awarded to players for accomplishing tasks before their competitors, it is important that all players follow proper golf etiquette with the player furthest from the pin hitting first.

    1. Alternate Shot

    Alternate shot is exactly what it sounds like, 2 players form a team and play only one ball, alternating taking shots. Also referred to as Foursome, Alternate shot is the format used the Ryder Cup tournament.

    1. Quota

    In a Quota formatted tournament, players earn points toward their total in a similar fashion to the Stableford format with each score relative to being assigned a certain value.

    Bogey: 1 point

    Par: 2 points

    Birdie: 4 Points

    Eagle: 8 Points

    The Quota is determined by the tournament officials but is usually set at 36. It is then the players’ goal to accrue as many points as possible with the winner being the individual with the highest score above the quota. To level the playing field, the quota can also be adjusted for players individual handicaps as well. Assuming a player has a 6 handicap at the given course, his/her quota is adjusted down to 30. This format can also pick up pace of play with shots 2 or more over par having no value, so the players can pick up their ball and move to the next hole.

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